I buy in the occasional cooker -but only certain models which I like! Currently these are waiting for a new home.

Rayburn GDO natural gas cooker in Hunter Green
The 200 series ( new name for royal) model is a lovely little cooker and I call it a Mini Aga. Why? Well its actually BETTER as its more efficient due to

  • Two cast iron ovens -the lower being 2/3rds of the top, so with 200 in the top you have 130 in the bottom
  • It’s timeable -so you can leave on pilot all night,  and it can bring in the burner automatically using a £3 time clock for a warm kitchen / hot kettle!
  • It’s only 33″ high and wide ,needs a 5″ flue on the right and a simple 15mm gas pipe and 3 pin plug socket
  • Very little to go wrong -and all spares available as it’s just a 200g (later name)
  • Black top, HUNTER GREEN front and sides, chrome lids
  • this one is only £595 -no vat – plus delivery.Cheaper than having a big radiator fitted!
  • can deliver anywhere

IMG_20160516_102825 IMG_20160516_102859I had one of these in my previous home as a trial – my wife said it wasn’t as big as an Aga,  but otherwise got her seal of approval!