Aga Conversion to Electric- why?

Agas – there are interesting things going on in the Aga world – which will be to your advantage! Read on

  • 70% of new Agas sold are ELECTRIC

  • Aga are offering a guaranteed trade in – so the market supply of second hand cookers will diminish as they don’t want these getting refurbished!

  • The price of oil and gas cookers being sold has DROPPED to almost nothing¬† – the trade are being offered a lot, as people object to paying ¬£25 a week for a GAS or OIL wick burner 2 oven cooker to heat fewer meals that when “wifey stayed at home” looking after the children .

  • The cost of installing a GAS or OIL Aga has increased – you may be told that your chimney needs re-lining, new oil pipe or tank, etc

  • Finding service engineers has become a nightmare as new apprentices don’t do expensive courses on old design cookers.

    So why should you keep your Aga rather than get another one or an alternative?

  • Cheaper.Ripping out the Aga means kitchen worktop mods,tile changes,and so on
  • We make your Aga into “an electric cooker in an Aga body”
  • It still heats the kitchen- if you want- saving another radiator being fitted and new pipework, decoration
  • The Aga looks the same – without oil or gas pipes.Flue pipe can stay or go as you wish
  • No service needed
  • Long life elements – could be changed without dismantling if needs be
  • Cheap to run and we can PROVE it!
  • Any round lid aga can be converted 1941 onwards.
  • Ideal in FRANCE or SPAIN with their cheaper electric
  • your cooker stripped and rebuilt for the new electric elements and insulation -usually in one day