Fuel Conversions

*Disclaimer . Glynwed PLC , and AGAFOOD the manufacturers of the famous Aga / Rayburn cookers do not approve of fuel conversions – all such conversions mentioned are made by independent’ engineering firms .All views expressed are PERSONAL and not “official ” Aga / Rayburn policy.*

This section will tell you about the following

OIl Conversions      Gas Conversions   Solid Fuel Conversions

What converts to What! See photos in other sections to determine your model

Cooker Model Original Fuel can convert to Oil? Can convert to either GAS?
Rayburn No 1,2.3,Regent, Royal solid fuel  yes no
Rayburn OF7 oil no no
Rayburn OF22 oil no no
Rayburn G7 gas yes yes-maybe!
Rayburn G33 gas no no
Rayburn Nouvelle , Supreme solid fuel no no
Rayburn Nouvelle GAS gas no no
Rayburn Nouvelle Oil Oil no No
Balance flue Rayburns GAS NO no

Agas . See photo in other sections to determine your model

Model of Aga Original Fuel Oil Diesel or mazout Nat gas LPG Electric
2 oven Standard Anthracite  yes no yes yes yes
4 oven standard Anthracite yes no yes yes yes
2 oven deluxe Anthracite yes no yes yes yes
4 oven deluxe  Anthracite yes no yes yes yes
2 oven ,4 0ven oil model oc,oe no no yes yes yes
2 oven, 4 oven pre 74 gas model gc,ge yes no yes yes yes
2 or 4 oven gas ,balanced flue lpg, nat gas no no yes yes yes
2 , 4 oven electric off peak electric no no no no

* mazout is French oil , 32 second, heavier than kerosene ( 28 second uk heating oil ) and 35 second diesel -used in Spain.

Electric Conversions
These are available for Aga only -not Rayburns at present Beware a conversion that doesn’t involve a major strip and rebuild!  Serious cost of the job should be around  £3000.

A solid fuel to WOOD conversion used to be  available in Australia for AGAS if you want to burn RED GUM wood – not here in UK!

DON Heating Products -the makers of oil and gas conversions since the Ice Age -have been bought out by Aga.  NO MORE CONVERSIONS or SPARES for existing conversions will be made from them -why keep old cookers going when you can sell them a new one?

See www.agafixspares.com for parts that  suit that conversion! We have 2 gas conversions in stock for Standard Agas.

Oil conversions

new and second hand oil conversions are still offered for the smaller 200 series Rayburns and ex solid fuel Agas.