Flameview Big Boiler version- +12 rads on wood or coal

brown flameview big boiler aug 13
brown flameview big boiler aug 13

The BIG one for those who want full central heating.We have a tree surgeon running 14 rads on one of these -he reckons far better than the Supreme it replaced.

Why? it’s designed to burn wood -but will burn coal. The Supreme was the other way around.
With a smaller circular grate its easier to maintain a bed of ash that a wood fire needs.Fitted with an automatic thermostat to control the air in this cooker will heat a good size house with the biggest logs you can put in a cooker.

size 905mm left to right,815mm floor to hob,542 front to back (base size) 1260 height from floor to top of raised lid handle

The 2 water pipe outlets are on the LEFT side panel, and are 1″ BSP female sockets.

We retain the front,base,top,ovens,hinged lids and part of the flue box.internally all other parts are NEW

2013-02-12 15.21.30
Hunter Green
2013-10-08 002

The fire door is made and the frame is fitted into the front which is cut out to accommodate.

The ash pit door -inside the original outer door- has an air spinner and inside a riddling grate and ash can a tool is provided.

flameview internals 2
Mid production

Our boilers are made of 8mm boiler plate,pressure tested to 60PSI.

The cooker is made to order and the boiler is literally half the cooker so cannot be removed.Output varies on fuel type and stoking but 50,000 btus is  similar to the same size cooker made by Aga Rayburn

The original colour enamel on the front is retained ,usually only having very minor marks as gas cookers don’t get banged about.

Colours often in stock (in Derby):

Claret (deep red),  Flame red (pillar box,ferrari),  White,
Hunter Green, Dark Blue, Wedgwood (light blue), Sable,
Emerald Green (bright), Dark Brown and Matt black is an option – however requires shotblasting & respraying which adds £400 to cost.

Top plate.These are supplied with wear or re-enamelled at +£250 cost.

Chrome domes.We cannot viably replace these – a matt finish is the only option at £100 per cooker. Each cooker is supplied with installation and user instructions

Delivery subject to time of the year but often 2-3 weeks in summer, 4-6 weeks in winter.

our works demo cooker