As of today date (19th Feb 2016) the following prices apply to our cookers:

Flameview DRY cooker, no boiler,original finish ex factory in Derby. Any colour from stock £2300

Flameview WET cooker, small boiler, air thermostat fitted,original finish ex factory in Derby. Any colour from stock £2500

Flameview BIG Boiler cooker original finish ex factory in Derby   .Any colour from stock £2750 with auto air thermostat

Re-enamelled Top of the Range.Any boiler option in newly re-enamelled cooker.Any colour in Aga range for front and black top. £4250

Extras. Any model. New vitreous shiny black top £250
newly chromed domes + £250 the pair

Every cooker has a MATT BLACK fueling door and frame. No it cannot be colour matched! Also a matt black smoke box, a smoothed hob surface,new seals,cleaned ovens,new inner door and air intake, grate, grate cradle, ash can and operating tool.Supplied with both oven rack and cold shelf.Fitting and installation guide.

Delivery.Usually into your kitchen.Its your responsibility to ensure a straight run, no flights of stairs, gravel piles to surmount,and to ensure a flat level base of adequate strength to take the weight of the cooker.

Aga cookers

Assuming a fully re-enamelled 2 oven Aga with all parts new except cast iron ovens and base,with Electrickit conversion ,built on a pre laid base and 2 x 13 amp sockets ready to be connected Cost – £4999 or 4 oven version –  £5999