The Flameview- a clear view door woodburning ex Rayburn cooker

The lack of good secondhand solid fuel cookers ,plus a good supply of redundant gas 300 series rayburn Nouvelles,365,GD80 and 380G/l suggested that we should make our own cookers!

So the Flameview was born and my product objectives were as follows

  • Affordable- as cheap as possible commensurate with a quality product designed to last
  • a glass door -to see the fire
  • a big firebox to take largest logs possible
  • a dry version-cooker only
  • a wet version for hot water and a few rads
  • a full central heating version -at least 12 rads

by using the 300 series we can offer the biggest hob and its got a 6″ flue outlet,always on the right hand side.

so we have been having these made in DERBY at the Sandyford factory now for 2 years and they are very popular.See each section on the models we offer.

STOP PRESS! April 15th.We are currently re-manufacturing a Flameview with a NEW cream finish .This is because we never get offered enough in this colour to satisfy demand.The Top of the Range version will cost £4250 with any or no boiler and will only be supplied to order -you can chose any of the colour range .The hob will be re-enamelled black, and black side panels will be normal.