Author: Barry

The Flameview -latest updates July 2016

Our stock of these increases each week as I buy in the colours that you want. based on the Rayburn 365 ,380, GD80 they are all the same overall size as the rayburn Supreme, Nouvelle so if yours has died ( boilers can “go” in less than 8 years) the Flameview fits in the same “footprint”

Current stock include Dark Blue, Bright Red,Flame (orangey) Red, Sable (2 tone brown -darker around the sides) Hunter Green ( slightly “grassy” compared to British Racing Green), Cream ,Claret ,
other colours sometimes in are Dark Brown,Jade,BRG,White,Wedgwood( sky) Blue

Because of YOUR wishes we can now offer a COMPLETELY re-enamelled cooker in any current “Aga” colour inc Terracotta, Aubergine,Pink, Pistacio, Pewter

The new finish is complimented with NEWLY CHROMED DOMES, door backs,thermodial, oven racks in shotblasted ovens.

Cost is around £4450 with ANY boiler option -or DRY

ask for more details – delivery 5-7 weeks from ordering.

Rayburns in stock

I buy in the occasional cooker -but only certain models which I like! Currently these are waiting for a new home.

Rayburn GDO natural gas cooker in Hunter Green
The 200 series ( new name for royal) model is a lovely little cooker and I call it a Mini Aga. Why? Well its actually BETTER as its more efficient due to

  • Two cast iron ovens -the lower being 2/3rds of the top, so with 200 in the top you have 130 in the bottom
  • It’s timeable -so you can leave on pilot all night,  and it can bring in the burner automatically using a £3 time clock for a warm kitchen / hot kettle!
  • It’s only 33″ high and wide ,needs a 5″ flue on the right and a simple 15mm gas pipe and 3 pin plug socket
  • Very little to go wrong -and all spares available as it’s just a 200g (later name)
  • Black top, HUNTER GREEN front and sides, chrome lids
  • this one is only £595 -no vat – plus delivery.Cheaper than having a big radiator fitted!
  • can deliver anywhere

IMG_20160516_102825 IMG_20160516_102859I had one of these in my previous home as a trial – my wife said it wasn’t as big as an Aga,  but otherwise got her seal of approval!


1st April in France having delivered a Flameview + fitting an Electrickit conversion

A quick trip over to drop off a British Racing Green Flameview -near Poitiers. See Andy, Nicola and their girls -and the bright eyed dog!
The Tillings - in Charente

then south below Bordeaux to the Gers -home of Armagnac, my favorite drink and an Electrickit conversion fitted into a 4 oven ex LPG power flue Aga.

22.5oC in Bordeaux on Wednesday – 8oC in Tours – still warmer than UK!


chateaux aga in the Gers

distance no object if you want one of our cookers – or conversions!



Rayburns in stock

Rayburn 200L -Propane (bottled gas). British Racing Green

  • CE approved for use.
  • DRY cooker -wont heat water or rads
  • 33″ wide & high.needs only 5″ flue, 15mm gas pipe and 3 pin plug socket
  • 2 cast iron cooking ovens
  • new cost £3500, this one £995!

    Propane dry cooker only -latest model!

    Propane dry cooker only -latest model!

  • delivery anywhere ,cost to be agreed
  • 6 months parts warranty
  • all spares available
  • time this cooker to suit your lifestyle!
  • View in our Penley works (LL13 0lQ) by appointment .