electr stdAfter years of distrusting electric Agas – due to running costs – Tradcookers Ltd now approve & install the Electrickit conversion.


  • Because these conversions radically change the Aga -making it a fully controllable “electric cooker in an Aga body”
  • They don’t go wrong. I have personally fitted them from Toulouse in France to Isle of Skye.
  • No service needed.
  • you decide if you want a warm kitchen -or not.Each of the 3 elements can be on or off, independently -that’s a 2 oven cooker. 4 elements in a 4 oven cooker.
  • the heavy cast iron parts of the Aga- that take all day to heat up-are disposed of so you save a LOT of energy

There is another conversion available -cheaper to fit -that retains all the original cast iron. You can chose – save money on fitting, or more on long term running costs! But we wont supply it!

black OC convertedex oil Aga