i have only 3 in stock at present, as the market is a bit flat-so get a bargain!

Rayburn 355 SF. This is one of the latest versions, in cream, and has the following attributescream 355 nov 17 doors opencream 355 nov 17

  • latest slam shut doors and hammerhead fire door catch
  • heavy cast dome bases with chrome tops
  • front slider on flue box
  • Its got the 55,000 btus boiler- say 14 kw-   (12 rads and hot water) and can run on coal/ wood or a mixture
  • one chip on the cream front-behind the door
  • delivery anywhere
  • no vat!
  • cost £1695 + delivery

Next a Cream GAS fired 200 series.

I have 2. One is the 200G/L -that’s a DRY cooker, no boiler but has 2 cast iron cooking ovens

  • cream 200G cream unmarked front & doors
  • black top, chrome domes
  • only 33″ high n wide
  • right hand chimney -5″ needed
  • 2 cooking ovens -bottom 2/3rds of top heat
  • easy to use and baked potatoes to die for
  • same size as the G7 which it often replaces as they have NO CE approval

only £395 plus delivery! No vat

then Rayburn 208G. In cream .

  • later model with gull wing handles, slam shut doors
  • same size as 200G 33″ high and wide
  • chrome domes
  • boiler to heat 8000 btus- that tons of hot water but only 1 rad
  • delivery anywhere £1 a mile one way
  • only £395 -no vat