Because of the rise in oil prices ( up to last summer) no manufacturer has bothered to develop a new oil cooker – so the owners of the old Rayburn Supreme (converted to oil) the demise of the Oil Nouvelle Rayburn 368, and the ceasing of production of the Alpha – and others – created a problem which we can offer a solution for!

If you look on Ebay, you will see lots of Rayburn 400’s for sale- these were the new oil central heating cookers they made as replacements. I personally don’t like them – and a lot of them for sale on Ebay suggests I am not alone.

Most people are surprised to find out that an excellent twin oil burner cooker, same size as the 300 series Rayburns, is made by Sandyford Cookers in Derby. Why? Because the internet has largely passed them by – you only have to look at their website!


Should you like to see around an engineering factory – rather than a website – then they welcome you to visit and see cookers hand made as they always were. The boss Keith won’t be in his office- he will be on the shop floor solving problems and getting in the way (if you believe the chaps!)

So why should you consider one of their cookers – when probably you have never heard of them!

  • made to order, your choice of colour. All vitreous enamelled properly -thats glass melted onto the metal
  • innovative. You can have a cooker made for oil-and other fuels. A lot of people like a 4 oven – with a gas hob built in
  • fast oven heat up -20 minutes to roasting, with separate controls to the water/rad side so no melting in the summer
  • same size cookers as your old Supreme /368 – minimising upheaval and re-decoration
  • delivered into place by the makers – no searching for an engineer

have a look at the SANDYFORD Cottage, photos above  It will heat up to 15 rads, with its 60,000 btus boiler and cook superbly.
That’s a SMALLER model – versions that double that performance are available.

dry versions also made Рno hot water or rads- plus electric and woodburning  cookers and stoves