Disclaimer. Servicing of your range cooker can be carried out by the authorised main dealer or by an independent engineer. We are such, having NO connection with Gynwed PLC , the makers of the famous Aga / rayburn cookers. Please note that during the guarantee period of a NEW cooker it should only be serviced by the suppliers.

Based now in North Wales just outside Wrexham I have a chap who is VERY GOOD at servicing oil and solid fuel Rayburns and Agas. If you are fed up trying to get spares fitted please contact me. We can supply all the spares and my chap will be pleased to fit. As he’s working independently there is NO VAT on his labour. Trade contacts or OIL servicing ? Look at my www.snughomecookers.co.uk website, trade section.
Oil Nouvelle ? Model 368? Need a service?  We have a chap who actually LIKES this model, based in Cheltenham

He will travel to service  – cost around £280 plus distance.
contact me for his details

I will always try to offer to service a cooker that I have supplied. However as my delivery “range” is from Ireland to Milan it may well be cheaper to get a local ! However recently some changes have occurred which can help you! That’s the vaporising type fitted since the year “dot “by the makers  , also as conversions by DON and OILWARM..Our engineers for OIL work are listed on www.snughomecookers.co.uk


ANDY CRIBB. My friend Andy  and is an expert at dismantling & rebuilding Agas, after 17 years doing that job for an  main dealer. CORGI and OFTEC registered

    • His services include oil and gas servicing, including LONDON for only £160 plus any parts
    • Aga dismantle anywhere UK – priced from Newbury base to include travel
    • Aga re-assemble and re-commission
    • Transportation & re-assembly in different house ( UK or abroad)

SOLID FUEL. I have a specialist in Bedfordshire who ONLY does solid fuel. Robert will undertake boiler refits, re-bricking & grates anywhere in Southern England.Also Parkrays and similar units

Rayburn 400 Series OIL. My friend Phil  loves these, has a workshop full and will service yours / strip and rebuild as required, nationwide.

For a quick quote mail me barry@tradcookers.com quoting  model of cooker and post code .


Oil appliances that you LIGHT with a match require a de-carbonising service . You can tell when its needed as you must turn UP the control knob to obtain correct heat . This can occur in 4 months or 12 months – dependant on the way you run the cooker and the quality of your oil. If you turn the cooker DOWN for the summer it will clog up more quickly

If you turn the cooker OFF for the summer the carbon hardens and may prevent relighting come winter! ALWAYS TURN THE COOKER OFF AT THE CONTROL KNOB _ NOT JUST ON THE ELECTRIC KNOB.

If you are unfortunate to get a “dirty fill of oil ” i e the tanker driver did a diesel delivery before you and left some in his hose – it can cause a swift clogging of the burner in days.


Thick oil. There are TOO MANY instances of thick oil being put into tanks i.e 32 second instead of your correct grade 28 second – these will cause an Aga or Rayburn to need a service after 3- 4 months. That’s why you can’t have an Aga in France – their oil is 32 second- talk to me about our new CONVERSION FOR FRENCH OIL SOON .

GAS BURNERS These need a clean out & safety check annually. Unlike OIL they will run for a long time without attention but  should be serviced regularly . If in a RENTED house your landlord MUST have this done and a certificate issued.

Signs to look out for suggesting servicing is due  on your range cooker  are:

Yellow flames off the burner

Any sooting

Any smells

Difficulty in lighting ( your fail safe thermocouple may have died! )

Customers complain they  are getting a lot of dust / muck in gas pipes nowadays which blocks the smallest hole – your pilot jet – and this will extinguish the burner .Only a strip down will cure it!

DON’T BLOCK OFF ANY AIR BRICKS FITTED – better a draft than deadly gases = DEATH!

A little hint. If your gas burner goes OUT immediately you lift your finger off the manual button -its 99% likely your thermocouple is dead.These are a disposable part and should be changed on service. When relighting an Aga or Rayburn always leave it on LOW FLAME for an hour to warm the flue before turning up to HIGH
LPG Burners require a 6 monthly service .
SERVICING ARRANGED by suitably qualified CORGI engineers  – MINIMUM £70 MAIL ME barry@tradcookers.com  QUOTING MODEL AND POST CODE FOR QUOTE.

Solid Fuel  Don’t forget your annual chimney sweep ( or more often if you burn wood)

You can do it! Simply clean out the flue way passages in the cooker with the correct tools , and get the chimney swept annually . Aga turn the barrel around using the “cowhorn ” tool , Rayburn – sweep the soot from oven top into firebox using the scraper rod though your circular plug above the oven – it lifts out with the operating tool. Available from me secondhand or new if you don’t have! See www.agafixspares.com

For firebrick replacement ( Rayburns ) and barrel replacement ( Agas ) call. For prices see SPARES. We will replace a set of Rayburn firebricks quickly , without mess & check the grate, replace under hob rope & clean the inside of the cooker for only £300 – travel extra .

If you haven’t got these tools contact me barry@tradcookers.com

Other Makes

Whilst some require specialist spares – its possible we can arrange to service similar types of cookers.Again email me with details.