We now have our ON LINE STORE for new genuine and pattern parts to fit Aga and Rayburn cookers. Please click on www.agafixspares.com to go STRAIGHT to the store for NEW PARTS. There are photos of most things we sell and you can order and pay instantly for shipping usually in 3-4 days

Maybe a replacement front for your old white, sky blue or cream Aga front? Got a NOBEL cooker – oil burners available but that’s about it.

However if you’re a bit confused about what you need to buy, whether it will fit your cooker ,will YOU be able to fit it – then by all means use this site to contact me – my IT director would only forward technical questions to me anyway!

So what can you buy from Tradcookers Ltd?

I have a vast supply of second hand parts and these are NOT listed on the store as supplies are limited. Don’t expect a computer list – my store is, er, rather chaotic, a bit like a car scrap yard (cooker scrap yard) but in amongst the junk are some little gems just waiting to be found!

Nearly all parts are sold AS SEEN – I personally check them but for example I cannot test gas valves etc so sold as seen

We have recently bought a large number of OIL BURNERS and have the following items for sale

GAS Aga parts. Burners, parts for conversions, older type gas valves, flue boxes (diverters) some oven stats ,Hobs, side and rear panels , chrome or cast iron domes ,ovens

Oil Aga parts Burner bases , burner base stands, BM oil valves, electric heads, bundy tube assemblies, oven stats, transformers, fined hotspots, cut down and skimmed hotspots from solid fuel cookers, outer barrels ,base plates, hobs side and rear panels , chrome or cast iron domes  grate x frame supports, base plates, side and rear panels, chrome or cast iron domes, cleaning tools, ash cans,

Aga solid fuel parts. Such as OUTER BARRELS, solid fuel grate (7 or 8 spoke), grate support x frame, operating & cleaning tools.

Aga outer barrel deluxe  suit solid fuel

Aga outer barrel , standard suit solid fuel

Ash pit , Deluxe ,

Aga Standard black hobs ,  re-enamelled

Bases plates. Oven castings .

Please e mail me a DIGI PHOTO of what you have or want to replace barry@tradcookers.com .

I can cope better with a photo than a long description on my mobile.

Below see photos of most of the cookers we have dealings with – and those we DON’T!

Restoring an Aga is easy – knowing where to stop is the hard part!

Vitreous Enamel finish (ve) . Due to lack of LEAD now ( EU rules) colour won’t match EXACTLY original but is as near as we can obtain from parts glazed at 830oC!

Pre 74 Deluxe -oil converted from solid fuel

Standard Model – made 1941- 1972, usually like this

note top step on the earlier model

Post 74 solid fuel Delux

With just the rear up stand – not a shelf! This is an late version – note slotted flue shroud and  dial on left side (only if solid fuel)

ALL post 74 Agas have this upstand -earlier versions 1956-74 have the shelf (see above) ,flat top? See Standard model 1941-1973

Fitting of all parts available , prices subject to distance !

If you are offered one of these BELOW  or own one new spares are NOT OBTAINABLE ! Note the “lobe” on the ash pit door. This is a Model 47/10 ( because it cost £47 10 shillings between 1929 -1939 ) The 4 oven version was called the 82 – guess why?

This is a sky blue Deluxe made 1956-1974.It’s built for OIL but an early one so it has the solid fuel thermostat dial on the left.

click here to mail barry@tradcookers.com

fully priced list available on our sister site www.agafixspares.com  If you need a part – no objection to supplying second hand ( if that’s what you want) – just tell me WHAT and where you live!

We supply all of the following and more!!

Lid Liners, Oven Tunnels, Top Door Back, Roast Oven Door Back, Simmer Oven Aga Door Back, Flat Oven Tray, 4 Oven Std Aga Cupboard Top Alloy warming plate, Blank for Air Wheel Solid Fuel Aga Deluxe, 4 Oven hob joining Strip Post 74, 4 Oven hob joining Strip Pre 74 Black Powder Coated, 4 Oven Banana Shape Boiler for Standard or Deluxe Aga, 135 Gallon Standard Boiler for Aga 2 oven, 135 Standard Cast Boiler, 90 Gallon Deluxe Aga Purpose Built (Steel) Boiler, 90 Gallon Deluxe Aga Cast Boiler, Large Pre 74 Aga Badge, black enamel letters on chrome, Large Aga badge to fit post 74 mounting pins, Small Post 74 Aga Badge, black enamel letters, Ash Pit Box Standard Aga, Ash Pit Box Aga Deluxe Oil or Gas, Dropped Ash Pit Box for Aga Standard, Aga Inner Door Oil for Dropped Ash Pit Box, Hob Standard 2 Oven, Hob Pre 74 2 Oven, Hob Post 74, Base Deluxe, Base Standard, Dome for Aga Pre 74 deluxe, Dome Standard, Aga Flue Manifold, Outer Barrel for Aga Standard Oil or Gas, Outer Barrel Aga Deluxe with cut out Oil or Gas, Outer Barrel for Aga Pre 74 Oil or Gas Purpose Built, Aga Inner Barrel Oil or Gas, Aga Hot Spot Finned Oil or Gas, Simmer Spot for Aga Standard, Aga Std Dropped Ash Pit Conversion including Dropped ash Pit Box, Aga 4 Oven Shelf, Aga Hot Plate Ring, Barrel Support Brackets, Oil Burner Base Stand Deluxe, Ash Pit Door for Aga Standard 2 or 4 Oven, 4 Oven Door for Aga Standard & Pre 74, Oven Base for Aga Standard 4 Oven, Standard 4 Oven Hob for Alloy Top, Standard 4 Oven Hob for Electric or Gas Hob, Aga Pre 74 4 Oven Front Plate, Aga Pre 74 4 Oven Base, Aga Pre 74 4 Oven Hob, Aga Ash Pit Box to Cupboard Duct, Aga 4 Oven Transfer Plate, 4 Oven D/L Oil Barrel Duct, Transfer Plate Pre 74, Std Lid Rims, Pre 74 Lid Rims, Post 74 Lid Rims, D/L Dropped Ash Pit Conversion Kit including Dropped Ash Pit Box, Std Towel Rail Bracket Left-hand, Std Towel Rail Bracket Right-hand, Pre 74 Hinge Block, Post 74 Hinge Block, Post 74 Towel Rail Bracket, Aga Dome Bolt On, Oven Grid Shelf for Aga Standard or Deluxe, Hob Caps for Aga Standard, Hob Caps Aga Deluxe, Aga Spring Handle, Blanking Plug for Drain Off Tap, Blanking Plug for Boiler Holes, Front Bolts Standard, Dome Return Spring for Aga Standard, Dome Return Spring for Aga Deluxe, Aga Toaster, Towel Rail, Lid Pin, Aga Standard 2 Oven Hob, Aga Pre 74 2 Oven Hob, Aga Post 74 2 Oven Hob, Chrome Dome Complete for Aga Standard, Chrome Dome Complete for Aga Pre 74, Chrome Dome Complete for Aga Post 74, Cream Dome Complete for Aga Standard, Manifold Gasket, Barrel Gasket, SIT Valve Control Bracket, SIT Valve Control Cover, Teddington Gas Valve for early Agas, Teddington Control Knob, SIT Valve complete with Pieso, Euro SIT Valve Pieso, SIT Pilot Assembly Complete, Pilot Injector No. 27NG, Pilot Injector No. 36NG, Pilot Injector No. 19LPG, Electrode, Ignitor Cable, Thermocouple (600mm), Thermocouple Universal (1800mm), Mains Governor, Pilot Governor, Mag Valve / Flame Failure Valve, Burner Bars for Retro Fit incl Pilot Assembly, Main Injector BRAY Size 400, Main Injector BRAY Size 500, Sight Glass, Pienzo Early Model, Pienzo Bracket Early Models, Three Way Nat Gas Pilot 6″ Nut DON Type for Conversions, Electrode, HT Lead 30″ for Conversions, Thermocouple Universal (900mm), Johnson Ignition Wire (Eye-Terminal-Tab) Purpose Built, Johnson LPG Pilot Assembly, Johnson Nat Gas Pilot Assembly, Johnson Stainless Steel Pilot Injector Nat Gas, Johnson Stainless Steel Pilot Injector LPG, Balanced Flue Round Terminal 243mm, Control Cover Manual, Control Cover Auto, Control Bracket, 4 – 8 Control Manual, 4 – 8 Control Auto, 4 – 13 Control (Rayburn), Ranco Stat Control, Ranco Stat Control Knob, Ranco Stat Bracket, Ranco Stat Indicator Plate, Fire Valve 3mtr (90 degrees), Burner Stand Steel for Conversions, Wicks No. 6 – For 6″ Aga Oil Burner, Sight Glass Inner Door, Transformer – mains to 12 volt DC -for all factory oil Agas, Burner Shells – fit the Don and Aga 6″ base -set of 4, Purpose Built Gas to Oil Conversion Kit pre 74, Burner Base to suit Aga vaporising burner (wick type), OF22 original oil control valve, Complete Top Oven for Standard Agas, Complete Top Oven for Pre 74 Agas, Complete Bottom Oven for Std or Pre 74 Agas, Complete Bottom Oven for 4 Oven Agas, Side Panels Standard, Side Panels Deluxe, Back Panels Standard, Back Panels Deluxe, Black Plinth Standard, Black Plinth Deluxe, Wire Lid Seal, Outer Barrel Rope Seal, Door Seal, Flat Seal, Complete Thermometer to fit Aga Standard Model, Complete Thermometer to fit Aga, Pre74 model, Complete Thermometer (Push On) to fit Aga Post 74 model, Complete Thermometer (Bolt On) to fit Aga Post 74 model, Roasting Dish Large, Roasting Dish Small Vitreous Enamelled, Touch Up Paint Cream, Touch Up Paint Black, Touch Up Paint White, Touch Up Paint British Racing Green, Touch Up Paint Red, Touch Up Paint Claret