Selling your Rayburn Cooker

Disclaimer . I have NOTHING to do with Glynwed PLC / Aga Food  , the manufacturers of the famous Aga / Rayburn cookers which are only available new from their authorised distributors
Please contact us by E mail – ideally with a photo of your cooker. We MUST know where you live – we are 20 miles SOUTH OF CHESTER  but do travel extensively so your location doesn’t preclude us buying – but maybe not for a few weeks!

We are concentrating on marketing Electrickit conversions to fit Agas  at present so may only consider buying your cooker if it fits certain criteria. Please Email a PHOTO so I can see what you have -and tell us your location. If you are say south of Birmingham or North of Manchester I may pass you on to a more local dealer


Any Rayburn without 2 hinged lids.Any Esse,Stanley, Deville,Smith & Wellstead, Godin, Bosky, Tirolia, Windhager or other foreign cookers. Old ranges, gas or oil cookers, microwaves, or similar things with thin metal bodies usually WHITE!

Collection / Delivery – if your entry is like this photo showing vertical steps PLEASE LET ME KNOW  or I may get UPSET!

What we want occasionally are NICE condition Rayburns or Aga’s – any fuel – but always sent a photos please with your details.

To purchase for cash we will collect but really haven’t time to drain down a radiator system and cap off water pipes. That can take hours!

Your rayburn cooker will be ROLLED out in one piece so have floor covering ready if a precious floor. Don’t dismantle or we won’t buy – Rayburn’s should NEVER be dismantled – only doors and hobs can be lifted off!

(A) send me a detailed description , ideally with a digital photograph .Model, size, colour, fuel type, water heating or not, truthfully its state – working, filthy, immaculate etc doesn’t matter as I will see it anyway! Also YOUR LOCATION ,including postcode (so my computer can draw a map) daytime & evening numbers and e mail address.

(b) Decide what you want for it. Don’t be silly – remember fuel costs and the usual business overheads. Unlike a car  it doesn’t drive itself away!

If its a REALLY NICE COOKER that you want too much for I may sell it ON YOUR BEHALF. Firstly I need to remove it & I charge you for that. Then I put it on my website & sell it on a commission basis

Don’t despair. I have a mailing list of people waiting for cookers, sometimes they even say “colour doesn’t matter “, but the price is greatly affected by colour fashion, so get the digi camera out, photograph it & email to me – I usually reply within 24 hours. I collect nationwide inc Scotland!