How we do business

Prices of cookers listed are net of delivery, as I have delivered to France and Isle of Skye! The basic cost of the cooker is listed and I don’t aim to make money on delivery charges – or lose money either. Therefore delivery costs are (a) fuel and time used (b) any ferry charges inc cabin (c) Bed & Breakfast at your end – unless you put me up ( camp bed ok !)

Installation is  NOT MY BUSINESS. I am not interested in plumbing the appliance, laying a concrete base or lining the chimney usually due to pressure of other things to do. For example:

You wish to buy a S/H Aga, you contact me & I quote you an amazing bargain price, delivered to your home & erected. You want it and ask me how you pay

At this point I will ask YOU who will arrange the concrete base, etc You tell me you have a “tame builder”

I will then sent you an ORDER FORM – usually by email – listing EXACTLY what you will be getting. On getting  it back though snail mail, or scanned and emailed back with a  50% deposit paid by BACS  I reply with a receipt & full details of what your builder needs to get ready. He can then contact me by e mail, daytime mobile number 07860 676793 or  leave a message

From ordering a S/H Aga it usually takes 3-4 weeks to prepare so he has time to do the work.

On delivery my man builds the Aga & IF AGREED before hand make the final connections often with parts we bring. This extra work is chargeable, as are the parts, and will be listed as such in the contract.

With RAYBURNS the cooker is delivered in ONE Piece and installation again is a separate matter.

VAT .If we supply a second hand cooker it’s under the MARGIN SCHEME . You don’t get a vat invoice -but I pay vat on my profit. However if you are VAT registered and you want an invoice then I do charge you vat in the normal way.

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