June 2016.

Currently we are all enthralled at the Referendum -due this week.Business is quiet all over- but that’s normal in the cooker world in the summer.
It’s the best time to get your cooker serviced -don’t wait until September like EVERYONE else as the engineer won’t be able to fit you in.
If you want to change a feature on the Aga -like new domes, a re-enamelled top or even a different colour front -well there is time to get it done before the summer ends. For example a new top and chrome domes takes 1/2 day to take off the old and fit the new Рas long as we have the new ones ready to change over.

The price of oil has started to climb -it got down to 25p a litre in the Spring but currently stands at about 33p – so order soon!

Electric conversions continue to be ordered as Aga users get fed up trying to get service engineers (who know what to do) for their gas or oil cookers. My order book includes jobs in the Isle of Man and Normandy this summer.

So thats the latest in the Tradcookers world!