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October 2015 - Please note that we now have a new website here:-

Due to lack of time & high demand for our Spares and Snugburners we are not actively looking to sell more Aga or Rayburn reconditioned cookers  Please advise requirements and I will broker you a cooker!

Other models and colours to order - UK or abroad - delivery building cost by negotiation!
any spec can be supplied -except balanced flue or power flue

Agas - there are interesting things going on in the Aga world - which will be to your advantage! Read on

Cream 4 oven in France- MUCH cheaper to run than oil there at 60p a litre. Our price around 7500 fitted- New French Aga price 12,000

colours available (in usual request order!) Cream, Black, Blue ( midnight, oxford, royal) Sky Blue, British Racing Green, Hunter Green, Red, Claret,  White, Pewter (dark or light), Brown, Terracotta, Aubergine, Pistacio, Pink, Yellow, others to order!

Compare with Aga's wick burner of 10-12 gallons of oil ( 60p a litre = 10 gallons - 45 litres) 24 to 32
Or a 2 oven Aga with fitted automatic ignition Snugburner at 5.5 litres a day @60p a litre = 23
What they have designed - and proved over a 3 year field test period - is an electric  burner that fits into an Aga ( originally oil gas or solid fuel) and it works as well as it should! Over 100 engineers and their partners enjoyed a lunch  cooked on ONE 2 oven Aga - albeit by a professional chef! No, we can't CONVERT your Aga ( no doubt 'elf and Safety comes into it) but we WILL offer  a trade in which will help!

Costs of a 2 oven in the colour of your choice will be around 5500 FITTED or 6500 for a 4 oven (with vat & depends on distance we have to travel). Versions offered will be the Deluxe or the Standard and will look like the one above ( door open for viewing only!). Apart from having a suitable 13 amp supply ( like an immersion heater) and a base to put it on - you can forget all the rest!

To vent the oven a pipe can be run (28mm ) around the wall to outside but if you want the Aga in the centre of a room (island style) then it will need a vertical exit .

No water heating versions currently available- let the boiler boil and the Aga cook!

some facts on the Electric Reconditioned Aga

We are trying out something NEW in the cooker business. This is how it works  

Agas in stock  today 07 November 2011
1 x White solid fuel pre 74 deluxe - basket case  499
1 x turquoise OIL (OC) pre 74 deluxe- basket case  799
1 x cream  pre 74 deluxe -basket case 499
1 x Hunter Green Solid Fuel - 600 stripped ready to collect
1 x British Racing Green Pre 74 deluxe Oil cooker ,GOLD domes  799
1 x White gas fired Aga model OC-deluxe -with NEW gas burner 999
all the above can have a Snugburner! All 2 oven versions, boiler for hot water available for each

Many Aga parts second hand in stock inc gas burners, oil burners, ovens and castings - ask!

These cooker are in nice original condition with minor chips on the front of each one. We think you would search hard to find a better original condition cooker, why not come to our store and see the front / top etc ( in dismantled state ) -check if nice enough for your kitchen!           Cooker same model as this one (we did earlier) near Exeter

Others in stock selling on behalf of Trade Friends- give me your wishes and I will see what's about!

Snugburner installed - see for details

Barry J Charman  - mail me